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Hyukmin Love For All
Canon smanon. This couple has always been moderately popular, but overshadowed by the Super Power couples within the fandom a.k.a. Eunhae and Kyumin. The small world of Hyukmin grew much bigger after Episode 12 of Exploration of the Human Body. (I am sure any of you who join this community have seen, died a little, then watched it again.) HyukMin is not an unusual pairing in the sense that HanMin ??? would be. For Hyukjae, at least he might be paired with Sungmin second most if it isn't Leeteuk...or Kangin...ANYWAY moving on. Hyukmin hints are everywhre in the SUJUVERSE but they are often overlooked. Haha I hope you all enjoy this Community.
Now that you have Joined or your interest has been sparked...
Unlike most Comms hyukmin_sarang's Main focus is to engage into thoughtful and intellectual debates about why Hyukmin pwns your OTP...AHAHAAHAHA just kidding.
We aren't that mean :P
But if members of this community want to get into heated debates about Hyukmin vs.. (insert random couple) that would be cool--no it would be awesome :P.
Like most other pairing comms fan fiction is encouraged. In fact it is expected :P. We will have weekly or bi-weekly fic contests. OMG WITH PRIZES OF COURSE xD. But fanfiction is not what Hyukmin is all about..how about some icontests. :P With...YOU GUESSED IT. PRIZES!!!! If there is anything else that YOU think would be cool to make this comm the best experience ever tell us!! Please!!
Rule <--not a fun word. We are not going to tell you that you have to love or even like HyukMin to be apart of this Comm. If you only like Hyukjae or Sungmin, but not both, you can still join. We aren't going to pillage your profiles to find out you are a Hyukmin hater...but alas there are a few simple things we ask.

Keep Topics Related to Hyukmin, Hyukjae, Sungmin, or anything that has to do with them. But that doesn't mean you should post your Kyumin or Eunhae fics here. :P Or news about Youngjae, and Minry.

Be polite please, that should be second nature. Don't bash Hyukmin, Hyukjae, or Sungmin. In fact, please don't bash anything since that just isn't polite. If you have something to say about your dislike for the couple do it in a nice way. (Remember those couple debates!) At the same time people who love Hyukmin please don't be mean if someone doesn't have them as their OTP. Though I wonder why anyone who hates Hyukmin would join .. o.o

These rules already sound a little weird. >< But we are sure you are all nice people anyway.
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